Rohini Farm house

Agriculture Tourism is a new phase of tourism where urbanities can break free from their concrete shackles and go back to their rural roots to rediscover the rustic peasant life in the peaceful country side.
Rohini Kripa , an opening to the country side , wake up to the dawn chorus , inhale your fill of pure country air , discover the serene pastures , see the sun rise on quite , rustic peaceful and green existence . It takes us back to our culture of oneness with the environment Away from the buzz and din of the city ,
in the lush green environs ,
is situated Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra.

With its paranomic surrounding pool and hospitable environs ,
Rohini Krushi paryatan is an ideal place for 
moments of peace and solitude.
Come to the RohiniKripa and be a peasant for a day.
Experience the beauty of the routine tasks that takes you to the very 
beginning of simple things that make our life harmonious.


farm on hill


Take a look at our traditional poultry where the birds are given the best treatment keeping them healthy all time

State of the art goat-pen where we have a herd of 40 robust goats

See how one of the the world's busiest insects makes one of the world's sweetest things. We make our own honey!